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Sloughs off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating an increase in collagen production. Many people see improvements in color, tone , and texture after just one treatment. The treatment does not involve chemicals itself and is non-invasive. It is suitable for all skin types and colors, and can be done every 2 weeks! It can be combined with a light peel, collagen mask, or a deep cleansing facial. 


$220 per session

(Package of 3 $525)

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment using fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of skin, it is virtually painless and incredibly effective. The micro- injuries you create stimulates the body’s natural wound healing process, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production, therefore reversing as well as preventing signs of aging.



Dermaplaning is an all time favorite treatment! Skin is left exfoliated, glowing, and free of vellus hair.

Facials & Peels

Basic Facial $70 - Dermalogica Age Smart Facial $90 - Back Facial $60 - Hydropeptide Chemical Peel $99


We use wax which contains exceptional soothing and moisturizing properties of Argan Oil. The absence of Colophony make our wax the ideal choice for sensitive skin. Skin is left hydrated and calm post epilation and is finished with an aloe vera after wax lotion spray which absorbs quickly into the skin, removes wax residue, reduces redness and soothes and moisturizes stressed skin. 

Eyebrows $8 / Facial $5 per area

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